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April 11, 2008



Hey a.c. -

To expound a bit on our CSAT scores: Total Customer Satisfaction went up .5%, which is a step in the right direction. Please know that we are, as ever, working to continue that score. In the same time period, our CSAT on Customer Service actually went up to over 9/10. So yes, we're glad we hired the Customer Service Manager, as he's the one most responsible for the latter rating.

As for moderating blog comments: we moderate blog comments to spare readers the irrelevant litter of SPAM and commentary unrelated to a blog post. I moderate comments on my personal blog for the same reason, and so do most I know. Generally, readers don't want to sift through "6 easy questions and a chance to own an iPhone!" while trying to read legitimate comments.

Thanks for the feedback.

yaakov kirschen

I'm amazed!
I've had nothing but "quality better than I thought it would be" products (mugs, clocks, etc.) and prompt delivery.

Dry Bones
Israel's Political Comic Strip Since 1973


wow...a cs mgr and all you did was make a .5 jump? hoorah

monitoring your own blog and only permitting "approved" comments?

maybe your rating is tied to the fact that your prices are absolutely ridiculous.

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