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April 24, 2008



Oh did I mention? They're ALL special?
And do I miss the city? Not if meant giving up my babies.. And.. They DO all have names and they (most of the time) will answer to them. Yeah.. They ARE my Gut Monkey (but I won't be telling them that)
Gotta just love'em though Oh.. and I design T-shirts too.. LOL


Thank you Angela, My life has been a bit unusual- from a Bay Area city girl chauffeur(Yes that's me albeit almost 20 yrs ago)with a degree in medicine to being the old goatlady in the middle of MO and all her goats
I don't spoil my goats much by letting sleep in my bed and they are not allowed to watch much TV or hog the space heater!
And Only the Special Ones get kisses.

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